Thank you Louise!

Thank you Louise! My Pilates session is my favourite hour of the week! Louise is very caring and gives a huge amount of input. I come away feeling SO relaxed and it’s great to be able to exercise and care for my joints at the same time – I’m getting more and more flexible! Highly recommended!

Debbie, Hertfordshire

Pilates for Back Pain

I joined Louise’s pilates class last September (2011), being a chronic pain sufferer I needed something I could do to strengthen my core muscles without putting pressure on my damaged knee and back.
Pilates is perfect for this and over the last year I have felt such a great improvement in my stability and movement. Louise is really patient and helpful and always gives me an alternative if I can’t manage something. I wouldn’t ever want to stop pilates it’s absolutely brilliant!
I highly recommend pilates (and Louise!), for anyone of any age looking to improve their stability and strength and wellbeing.
Thank you Louise!

Danielle Haydon,

Sessions are my quiet time

My sessions with Louise are my own quiet time where I can completely relax. The great thing is that I’m also keeping my body as well as my mind in a good place.

Alison B, Hertfordshire

I thoroughly recommend Louise’s Classes

I started Pilates with Louise in September 2011 and go weekly to her classes. I can honestly say that the transformation in my core strength and body shape has been quite unbelievable. The hour flies by as we work through each simple exercise and I can feel the benefit each exercise is having. Not only is Louise a lovely person who makes the class fun and relaxing, she is also hugely knowledgeable and she takes a really personal approach towards every member of the small class to ensure that they are in the correct position and are gaining the most out of each exercise. I would not want to miss my Pilates class and always look forward to going back after holidays. I thoroughly recommend Louise’s classes, she is a true professional.

Liz K, Hertfordshire

I always feel relaxed

Somehow, I always feel relaxed AND energised after my Pilates lesson. Thanks, Louise!

Sarah B, South Cambridgshire

Pilates has made a real difference

Pilates has made a real difference to my flexibility and feeling of well being and the classes are friendly and fun too which is a real bonus.

Barbara, Hertfordshire

I have really enjoyed Pilates

As someone who has always been a reluctant exerciser with back & knee issues, I have really enjoyed Pilates. I have been going weekly for over a year and really feel the benefits both immediately after the session and over the longer term. I feel stronger & healthier for it, and it is convenient in both the sessions times & locations.

Lisa, Hertfordshire

I wanted to increase my flexibility and core strength

I started Pilates because I wanted to increase my flexibility and core strength in order to protect my body as I get older. Even after a few weeks I could see an improvement and I also noticed how much more relaxed I felt after a session. I feel more aware of my body and can adjust my posture accordingly. My Pilates class prepares me for another week and if I feel any tension in between the next class I can practice a few stretches and movements at home and then I feel great again.

Claire, Hertfordshire