Louise Trenwith

Course Training 2009-10: with Allison Swan, former Pilates Foundation Director
– Pilates principles and fundamentals
– Physiology, Anatomy and Pathology with Sally Roberts, Physiotherapist
– Breathing with Georgie Ferraro Pilates Teacher
– Anatomy with Physiotherapists Sally Roberts and Warwick McNeil
– Pre and Post Pregnancy with Rachel Refiefar, Mama’s Pilates
– Small Apparatus with Suzy Barton, Pilates Teacher
– Magic Circles
– Arc Barrel
– Over Balls
– Swiss Ball
– Sit Fit
– Foam Roller
– Therabands
– Small weights
– Rehabilitation
– Pilates for the older adult
– Business studies with Andy Nice
– First Aid (on going)

 Continuing courses/workshops with the Pilates Foundation or other movement specialists taken (as part of CPD):
– Advanced mat work class with Rael Isacowitz
– Movement with Mariela Panero
– Garuda mat work and apparatus with James D’Silva
– Moving Beautifully with Joanne Elphinston
– Shoulder Tension with Georgie Ferraro
– Pre and Post Pregnancy Pilates course with Rachel Rafiefar
– Neurology and Pilates (MS, Parkinson’s and Stroke) with Michael Gale MCSP AACP
– The Foot and Joint Relationships another Communicating Network with Gary Carter KMI Structural Integration,         YTTC, LTG DIP
– Hypermobility Syndrome lecture with Isobel Knight, Bowen Therapist
– Spine, Breath and Hip Relationships with Gary Carter
– The Most Important Postural Structure with Gary Carter
– Myofascial Slings with Gary Carter
– Body Reading: Part 1 with Gary Carter
– Pelvis Power with Valerie Fabre, Feldenkrais Teacher
– The Pelvis and Outwards with Gary Carter
– Psoas, Clever guy of the Pelvis with Cameron Angus MSc MCSP MMSCP
– Stability and Mobility with Duncan Orrock, Body Control Pilates Teacher
– Take the work out of mat work & bring back the fun with Duncan Orrock
– Pelvic Connections webinar with Cameron Angus, May ’20
– Pelvic Solutions webinar with Cameron Angus, June ’20
– The Shoulder Complex webinar with Cameron Angus, June ’20
– Spine Motion with Gary Carter, July ’20
– Words that Harm, Words that Heal with Cameron Angus, Oct ’20
– Polyvagal Theory with Cameron angues, Nov 20

Learning, research and study will be ongoing for the duration of my Pilates career.

Away from the Pilates Foundation:
– Pilates mat work with Cathryn Jaffray, Premier Pilates
– Pilates Reformer & Cadillac with Ro Jameson, Perfect Fit Pilates
– Garuda, mat and apparatus with James D’Silva
– Yoga with Claire Best, Triyoga teacher, London (Iyengar and Ashtanga)
– Tai Chi with Steve Halls
– Body conditioning
– Running
– Cycling
– Spinning
– Step fitness
– Aerobics
– Zumba
– Kickboxing

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